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Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's been awhile!

Since school started and my focus has been either there or at home with Charlotte, I haven't done much ecomodding. Actually, I've done negative ecomodding; I removed my coroplast stuff to get an alignment check and I haven't reinstalled it yet. The main reason I'm waiting is that I'm trying to build my MPGuino - I was really disappointed with my original idea to monitor tank-to-tank mileage with mods, because it wasn't reliable. In true form with scientific method, I'm stopping my experimentation and restarting everything after I get some electronic, instantaneous numbers.
Stay tuned for some ecomodding after Christmas!
-newer style front air dam and belly pan - starting out farther, about 4cm higher from the ground (old one scraped a lot!) and going up to the hood level. Also a sweet chin spoiler!
-complete detachment of alternator electronics via installation of Deep Cycle battery to have plug-in electrical power supplied from my home (we buy Wind Power Renewable Energy Credits from our power company for 100% of our needs, so no fossil fuel emissions!!)
-Removal of power steering system. This car definitely doesn't need P/S. I can turn the wheel at a dead stop with the car off, and looping the lines will make this even easier.
-installation of 45W solar panels in roof to augment alternator-less condition for more range
-something to clean up the wake of the car off the rear.
My target is 60 mpg on my daily commute.

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