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Monday, July 7, 2008

Partial Belly Pan Complete!

I worked most of the day on the grill block, air inlet, and belly pan. It took some time to get things going, but once I did, everything went fine. I'm thankful for the creator of self-tapping screws, and I'm glad I had the drill-tip type and the pointy-type. I incorporated some 45 degree air dams in front of the tires similar to those I've seen on other ecomodder rides and many new production cars. I test-drove the car in the alley briefly today, and I found that I should only scrape when I take bumpy turns quickly. I know of one such turn I'll scrape daily; the entrance to the high school where I teach. I'll have to be cautious elsewhere I'm sure; I know Linda will appreciate the extra slowness going into and out of bumpy driveways where I usually get yelled at.

Here are some pictures of the progress. I won't have the grill block totally done until later this week - I have to finish the sides right in front of the wheels and reduce the wheel well size a bit, but that won't take me more than 30 minutes to fabricate, attach, and paint.
New air inlet - note the coroplast ductwork - it extends through the original bumper, so air has no way around the radiator.

"frame" for belly pan, made from drop ceiling material scavenged from dumpster.

Unpainted belly pan - I painted the wheel air deflectors (front and back) green after I took photos. I don't think I'll waste paint on the underside seen here.

Tire Air Dams/Deflectors - they are held at an angle by a piece of the metal I was using - crimped around the outside edge, screwed to hold tight, then taped.

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