Lifetime Fuel Economy: 39.49 mpg

Sunday, June 15, 2008

City Mileage with Hypermiling

I've started doing modifications to my driving and the car; I decided it's best to do/build things now when I have time rather than reasons to drive, and then this fall do A-B-A tests and the like when I have a routine trip to make every day (to school) in order to get good data for this blog. This week, I'm going to start making aero mods and making them so that they can be undone for testing.

For my latest run, I hypermiled on 37 psi tires, and did 100% city driving with lots of stop lights and signs. I only used the a/c for about 5-10 miles, and the Gascort came up with 31.35 mpg. Not scientific data, but a good indication of what's in store for this fall!

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