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Monday, June 30, 2008

Two aero mods in one day...

I finished the other wheel skirt today, and in response to a 6-2 vote on Ecomodder, I purchased some green Krylon Fusion paint (works on plastic). I used the paint already on my rain barrel, so I knew it was worth the $5 price tag. I got the skirts painted, which seemed to greatly please my neighbors, and although the skirts are a darker "hunter" green, they look great.
I still had time before Linda came home, so I started work on the grill block/air dam. I taped an individual sheet of coroplast in place, measured how long I wanted it, and got to cutting.

I taped all the edges really well with my heavy duty duct tape prior to painting, and I got to use the license plate as a giant washer since I put two screws through the bottom of it near my new (smaller) air intake. I'm going to trim it tomorrow to match the bumper lines, remove it, re-tape the top, and re-paint it. I'm really pleased with the outcome.


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