Lifetime Fuel Economy: 39.49 mpg

Friday, June 20, 2008

Highway Mileage

I made a trip to my friends' house yesterday and did about 85% highway driving with the air off, windows up, on my +5 psi tires. The 15% city miles I was very careful to EOC (engine off coast) as much as possible. It's getting very easy to predict when to shut off, by the way...
45.5 mpg may be a little inflated due to pump error, but it's indicative of some significant gains from my first tries at control tests. I'm going to run the next tank all the way down because I'm going to run some fuel system cleaner through at 5 gallons and then change the fuel filter. If things go right, and my aero mods (soon) are effective, I could break into the 500 mile/tank club next school year on my commute!

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